Thank You, Steve Jobs

Perhaps more than any other CEO at any other company, Steve Jobs has had a significant impact on my life and the lives of most people you know. The computing and cell phone industries owe their leaps in technological evolution to this man.

My infatuation with Apple computers began in 1998 when I saw the very first iMac. It was bulbous, colorful and looked like something you would place in a prominent place in your home so that others would see it. Almost immediately companies did their best to ape Apple’s candy-colored computer. Remember the eMachines eOne? I do. I bought one because I couldn’t afford the iMac at the time.

As my career took off, I was finally able to buy an Indigo iMac. It was my very first Mac. And it was beautiful and fast, easy to use and my first taste of computing nirvana. I was hooked.

In the years since, I’ve had a PowerBook G4 Titanium, two 12.1″ PowerBooks, an iMac and two MacBooks. I’ve also had an iPod, iPod Shuffle, and an iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and an iPhone 4. And an iPad. At work I’m forced to use a Dell laptop running Windows XP. It’s bulky and unreliable. For all of my personal computing, I use my iPhone and iPad. I do freelance work on the side, and my iPad is able to handle all of the invoicing, scheduling, and tracking of payments.

The thing about Apple products is that they just work. As storied and cliched as that may seem, it’s absolutely true. And Apple, with Jobs at the helm, is able to design and engineer products that work as humans would naturally expect them to. Therein lies the genius of Steven P. Jobs–he looks at things we use every day, like computers and cell phones, and doesn’t rest until the hardware gets completely out of the way of the user experience.



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